Dystopian Heroes

A day unlike any other...

The day started like any other. Wake up, shower, drink coffee, try to eat something, oh crap you’re late for work. Rush getting dressed and run out the door. Hope you remembered to lock it on your way out.

Out on the streets people seem to be headed towards Five Points Park, instead of fighting against the flow you decide it might be faster to just go with it and try to break away when the crowd slows. it doesn’t happen and before long you surrounded by trees and people.

You can hear the people closer to the center of the park chanting something, but can’t quite make it out. Occasionally you catch a glimpse of police in riot gear around the edges of the park or a patrol cruiser with it’s lights on.

Sooner or later the order to break up the protest will come and you don’t intend on being caught up in it. You’re already late.

You begin to push your way back through the flow of people and are making progress. Soon, though, you hear the pop-fizz of gas grenades going off and you begin to push harder.

You’re about to break through the final ring of people when from behind you an intense blue light flashes and then… nothing, darkness.

You wake up with a start wearing nothing but a hospital gown. You hurt, but you can’t tell where the pain is coming from. Your head, your limbs, your chest. Is the pain traveling around your body or are you imagining it?

You look up to see a monitor with your vital signs on it. Are those readings normal or not? You can’t tell.

Suddenly the screen goes blank. Then some words appear as if typed.

:Hi. Sorry to startle you, but if you don’t get up right now the Federal Police are probably going to take you and shove you in to a deep, dark hole.

Did that just happen?


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