Addison Memorial Government Tower

I hate to quote movies, but you really will never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy. At least in Motor City anyway.


Addison Memorial Government Tower is the center of city and federal governments in the area of, and surrounding, Motor City. While the city government occupies the lower few floors of the building, the remaining space is dedicated to various agencies and departments that have an interest in the city or the surrounding land and sea.

A utilitarian structure it rises 25 stories into the air, and also has several stories underground. Just how many basements is currently unknown, though popular myth is it goes down further than it goes up.

On the East-side of the Heston-Vance Business District, very near to The Towers, the government building almost hides from the people that need it most. Ever since the terror attacks of 2001 the area surrounding the building has been a secure zone, with police and checkpoints controlling access to even the immediate area of the building.

Built in 1975, the many basements were constructed later as the Federal Government became more involved in local affairs. The building, once a testimony to the city’s commitment to rennovation, no stands as a monolith of control and oppression.

Addison Memorial Government Tower

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