Advance and Refresh


Advance is performed at the end of each significant issue (some issues where no major conflict occurs and no character or team progression is made may not result in an advance). During an advance characters will have Skill progression and in some cases may gain a Stunt as well.

The first 5 Skill progressions allow the player to choose another skill to add to their character sheet. These must be chosen in numeric order from rank 1 to rank 5. Theses choices are basically the “opening” of these additional Skill slots and players are allowed to shift a single skill to the higher rank and fill the lower rank during this time.

The next 15 Skill progressions occur with the assignment of a +1 Shift to Skills of the player’s choosing. This does not actually raise the rank of the Skill, but rather simulates the character’s experience using one particular skill. There is no restircition of the placement of these +1 Shifts during these advancements.

When a particularly powerful or memorable plot point occurs the Game Master may declare a Stunt advance as well. This occurs as Stunt creation during character creation working with the GM to ensure the Stunt works properly and that the player achieves the goal they were looking for in it’s creation. It should be noted that this is likely only to occur twice and players should be thinking about where they want their characters to go in regards to these Stunts prior to creating one.


Refresh is performed at the beginning of each issue, or when the GM has determined a significant break has occured in the action to allow characters a break. During Refresh players will recieve their Fate Refresh, Skill Shift, and heal damage to their Stress Tracks and possibly Consequences.

Fate Refresh occurs at the rate of equal to the number of Stunts a character possesses. Fate Refresh cannot provide more points than it’s value meaning player’s should be promoted in the use of their Fate points.

Skill Shift allows players to decide to swap two skills from adjacent ranks. This allows player’s to decide if their character isn’t utilizing one skill enough to lessen it, or if they expect to be using a skill to raise it. This also allows for a player to decide to swap one of his rank one skills with a new one, effectively swapping with with a rank zero skill.

Healing occurs as detailed in the Stress Tracks and Consequences section. Both self healing and assisted healing are allowed. Stress Track boxes and Consequences removed in this fashion are considered fully recovered from.

Advance and Refresh

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