Bogrov Syndicate

These are the guys who have the big, squared jaws and all the same haircuts. Who would rather shave off your fingernails than give you the time of day. I also hear they all wear track suits…


The Bogrov Syndicate is responsible for a great number of kidnappings, murders, and a good percentage of the drug trade in Motor City. Extortion, bribery, and participation in the sex trade are probably in their repertoire too, but no official arrests have been made highlighting those crimes.

Rumored to be almost 250 strong, the fact that they stick to Little Sarajevo and the Tin Tops means they stay relatively buried among the masses. Consisting mostly of “muscle” the organization is run from the top, with a few officers making calls that influence the entire organization.

Currently headed by Sergei Bogrov, the syndicate has begun encroaching on territory that has been historically Triad and fighting has broken out between the two. While this has gotten the attention of local authorities, most cops would prefer to let them kill one another off than try to intervene.

Bogrov Syndicate

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