Campaign Questions and Answers

Q: How much firepower will the characters need?

Enough to survive…

That depends on their actions, intentions, and how they intend to use their powers. There will be advantages to using mundane weapons to fighting your enemies over overt use of your powers.

Q: Will a hideout be a “luxury” or a requirement?

Well, the Federal Police know who you are, they’ve been able to pull your ID from the hospital admissions database. You probably shouldn’t go home… ever, if at all (story hook?). I would definitely take SekshuN8 up on any offer of housing he makes.

Q: Is Foxtrot the default level (threat condition), or is it generally higher?

The default level is “none”. However, being that the game starts shortly after the blast from an unknown device the Threat Condition will be at Echo.

Q: How often and how easily does it (threat condition) change?

It will always move more quickly up than down. That will depend greatly on the player character’s actions… or lack thereof. The PCs are not the only people who survived, or the only people with sudden, strange new abilities.

Q: How thorough are the checkpoints and how much does it affect the average citizen’s day-to-day life?

Checkpoints are bio-metric and secured through the requirement of a Federal Identification Card (or FID). When in place most people just treat it like a small delay in their commute as only certain areas are established as needing them.

Q: Are the threat levels localized, city-wide, or both?

Threat Conditions are actually regional. The Threat Conditions the PCs will experience cover the entire greater Motor City metro area, which expands well outside the the city limits of Motor City itself.

Q: Are troops in riot gear with automatic weapons common sights, or only on occasion?

Only on occasion. Standard police equipment is body armor and submachine guns, but not full suit armor, shields, and assault rifles.

Q: What is the general feel within the city itself?

In one word: Resignation. The poor and middle class know they can not truly fight, it will only bring worse on themselves. The wealthy have experienced very little change.

Q: Is the general populace happy or struggling under the yoke of oppression?

There is a resistance, though they are mostly non-violent. The majority of Americans speak only with friends about their true feelings about the country.

Q: Are small riots commonplace?

Protests on occasion, normally over a very specific situation that escalates. In Motor City, most of these are left alone so long as they do not turn violent as the Mayor does not entirely agree with the current situation.

Food riots occasionally happen in the Tin Tops and the surrounding neighborhoods, but they still are not common.

Q: Is there an air of defeat, depression, and desperation about the city?

That greatly depends on where you are. Some people in the lower class districts may hate their lives, but in the Towers or on Bonum Vitae Island, people are enjoying the prize of their riches.

Q: Is it just “business as usual” for most folks?

For more than 10 years America has been this way. People have begun to forget about the way things were except in idolization.

Campaign Questions and Answers

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