Character Aspects

Character aspects are descriptors of your character. They can be relationships, catchphrases, beliefs, or even simple descriptions. Aspects are not unique to characters and can be used in developing scenes, locations, and individual objects.

Aspects help players utilize their fate points, as well as provide opportunities to gain fate points. The best aspects are a good combination of positive and negative allowing them to benefit the player, the story, and the Game Master in creating dramatic tension and the ability to perform heroic feats.

There are three different ways in which aspects can be used: invoking, compelling, and tagging.

Invoking an aspect is utilizing an aspect on your own character sheet for a situational bonus. This includes your own character aspects, as well as aspects of any equipment you may be carrying or using. This costs a fate point.

Compelling an aspect is when the Game Master uses one of your aspects to force you to take a particular action. If you accept the compell you gain a fate point, but you may resist the compel at the cost of a fate point. Accepting or resisting a compel is an important decision as the ability to acquire a fate point may not be granted often.

Tagging an aspect is when a player attempts to use an aspect not on his or her character sheet. This can be an aspect on an opponent, on the scene, on the location, or on an object. The limitation is that the charcter must know of the aspect to be able to tag it. This costs a fate point.

Some sample aspects follow:

Dumb as a Birck “Can I buy you a drink?” Cold as Ice
Tough Guy No One Gets Left Behind Good Inentions
Grew Up in a Rough Neighborhood “Have I got a deal for you!” Live on the Edge
Morbid Curiosity Chip on My Shoulder Undeniably Innocent

Character Aspects

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