Dyson-Neilson Bridge

Was it the hope of the city, or just one company? Either way I can’t imagine it was fun to have to take a ferry to work and back everyday before they build it.


The Dyson-Neilson bridge is the only above ground motor route, and one of only two, in Motor City. Originally a toll route, this was abolished in 1980 with the creation of the Motor City highways District which assumed control and responsibility of the bridge from the city proper.

A suspension bridge over two miles in length it rivals San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge of similar construction. It is painted a metallic blue with three towers of utilitarian design, chosen to highlight the function of the city beyond.

Connecting the Heston-Vance Business District with the mainland it sees private and commercial traffic nearly all 24 hours a day. Commute times are exceptionally long for commuters during morning and evening rush hours due to current renovation projects ongoing.

Construction began in 1938 when the architectural firm Heston and Vance wanted to compete with the recent completed Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately construction ran long and went over budget effectively stifling any claims to out do it’s rival bridge, eventually being completed after World War II in 1946.

Dyson-Neilson Bridge

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