Gerald Whitaker

Gerald is a great guy, no seriously. He’s just between a rock and a hard place.


Gerald Whitaker is the four-term mayor of Motor City having been originally elected in 1998. He was very vocal in arguments against a lot of the Congressional Acts leading up to our current situation. However, he did straighten up and fall in line when federal forces moved in to the city.

A large, heavily built African-American, before politics he was a local celebrity being a champion in a regional boxing circuit. A native of Motor City he displays more affection than most government officials to the people and is often seen at community fundraisers aiming to improve various parts of the city.

Elected on the basis of restoration of Motor City he has slowly been working towards that goal despite constant setbacks. He has been reelected three times despite being unable to fulfill his promise though some would say it’s because the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

Gerald Whitaker

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