Heston-Vance Business District

If you make serious money in Motor City, you work here. No questions about it. That or you’re a drug lord… in which case you only work here part of the time.


If there’s an economic pulse in Motor City it’s because the Heston-Vance Business District is the heart. If the pulse is pushing tainted blood it’s because the Heston-Vance Business District is an infected, corrupt muscle.

The district is home to over 1600 separate business, almost a third of which are national companies with offices or facilities located here. From street-side cafes and eateries to multinational conglomerates with budgets larger than some countries, they all find a home in Motor City’s business district.

The Heston-Vance Business District covers a majority of the Eastern side of Motor City. It is adjacent to the West to the Tin Tops and to the East to The Towers and bridges to Bonum Vitae and Fallen Tree islands.

The district is named for the two architects who were primarily responsible for the construction of a great many of the buildings built there. Now Heston, Vance, and Nueman the architectural firm still does a majority of the civil engineering and construction in and around the city.

Heston-Vance Business District

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