Little Sarajevo

Your own little slice of the Eastern Bloc. Just in case you missed the Cold War.


Little Sarajevo is largely influenced by its high Yugoslavian population, although several other Eastern European nationalities and ethnicities have found there way here as well. It’s heavy ethnic influence tends to keep out any progressives that might seek to live there.

The neighborhood consists of various sized tenement structures of a particularly low quality. Several of the buildings are nearing the legal precedent of being condemned, however, their residents are likely to ignore or refuse any warnings the authorities may give.

Little Sarajevo sits on the south end of the Tin Tops, nestled against the Port of Motor City where majority of its residents find work. With a heavy former Soviet influence many blocks are self-sufficient in way of shop owners and tradesmen living and working just down the street from their own homes.

Yugoslavian immigrants began moving in to Motor City after the break up of their country in the early 1990s. Many claimed asylum not knowing what would become of the United States just twenty years later.

Little Sarajevo

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