Lotus and Dragon Triad

If you’re thinking long braided mustaches you’re wrong. These are business men, and they look like business men, right up until they pull out an SMG and spray your car.


The Lotus and Dragon Triad rule Asiatown like their own personal kingdom; literally all business, both legitimate and illegal, goes through them. Cellularly organized, attempting to take down the entire organization is ineffectual as the leadership replaces itself almost instantly.

With interests in the Tin Tops, the Heston-Vance Business District, and even the Towers, they have woven a web that keeps them informed and safe in motor City. It is rumored they even have dealings on the exclusive Bonum Vitae island.

Lead by the current Mountain Master Lei-Hai, he has begun striking back at the encroachments being made by the Borgov Syndicate. Not content with fighting defensively the triad is currently waging war on various supply and informant sources of the Borgov.

Lotus and Dragon Triad

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