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I’ve collected and compiled information from various sources I’ve been able to gain access to around Motor City. I’ve tried to limit myself as to not burden any of you too heavily while remaining relevant. If you require any additional information please don’t hesitate to ask.


Background Information
Motor City
Terror Attacks of 2001
The Patriot Act
The Enhanced National Security Act
The National Transit Authority Act
The Military Unification Act
Status Information
Threat Conditions
Popularity and Recognition
Neighborhoods and Districts
Little Sarajevo
The Tin Tops
Heston-Vance Business District
Motor City State University
The Towers
Port of Motor City
Bonum Vitae Island
Fallen Tree Island
Specific Locations
Mercy General Hospital
Addison Memorial Government Tower
Motor City International Airport
Dyson-Neilson Bridge
80th Street Tunnel
Five Points Park
Apex Plaza
Sincerity Point Dock and Marina
Companies and Corporations
Starfield Corporation
Transnational Geodynamics Inc
Moore Motorworks
Eight Labs BioScences
Massive Computer Networks
Criminal Groups
Bogrov Syndicate
Lotus and Dragon Triad
New Sons of Liberty
Governmental Organizations
Federal Emergency Management Agency
National Security Agency
Federal Police Forces
The United States Military
Police, Military, and Paramilitary Units
Motor City Police Department
Alliance Security
Important Personalities
Gerald Whitaker
Victor Franks
Tonya Weir
Reginald Brunhilde
Gideon Thresh

Out of Character Content
Time, Turns, Actions, and Conflicts
Character Creation
Character Aspects
Character Skills
Character Stunts
Fate Points
Advance and Refresh
Equipment- Assumed Gear
Equipment- Weapons
Equipment- Vehicles
Equipment- Armor
Equipment- Gadgets and Tools
Hideout and Amenities
Stress Tracks and Consequences
Special Action The Showdown

Campaign Questions and Answers

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