Mercy General Hospital

This is where our story begins. I truly hope this isn’t where it also ends…


Mercy General is the primary emergency trauma facility for the whole of Motor City. While various medical clinics take up a majority of patients throughout the city it’s Mercy General that handles almost all emergency ambulance traffic.

A large, sprawling campus with several wings and specialty departments it maintains over 1200 beds for patients. It also maintains a fleet of three AirEmergency helicopters from it’s central tower roof able to get anywhere within Motor City in a matter of minutes.

Located squarely in the Heston-Vance Business district, the top floors enjoy a view of the entire Wide Water Bay area. This location does, however, increase the likelihood that residents of the Tin Tops and surrounding smaller neighborhoods may not see the care they need as they are delivered to closer, smaller, more poorly equipped 24-hour clinics.

Mercy General was constructed originally in 1921, and then heavily renovated in 2000, just in time for some emergency overflow from the various terror attacks the next year. With a reputation of innovation and reliability the hospital is home to various fellowships and sources of government funding.

Mercy General Hospital

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