Motor City

Oh Motor City, how I love thee…


Motor City was founded in the early 1900s and came to be prominent in the budding automobile industry. The already industrialized base was utilized by Geoff Moore when he founded Moore Motorworks in an attempt to capitalize on Henry Ford’s success.

During the World Wars Motor city was used as a main production center for arms and armaments helping to bring American soldiers to victory and back home again. it retains this tradition of military support with various businesses providing support for the modern military.

Home to over 5 million people in it’s various neighborhoods and districts over three islands Motor City retains economic viability despite international sanctions against the United States. As an industrial hub located between the ocean and Wide Water Bay it provides a safe port for national and international shipping.

Headquarters to five of the United States’ most influential companies it remains a point of pride to its residents and business owners. Although in recent years some its urban areas have fallen in to disrepair Mayor Gerald Whitaker has promised to take on the task of creating a revitalization project in those areas.

Motor City

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