Motor City International Airport

No greater testament to the changes the United States has endured exists in Motor City.


Once upon a time Motor City International Airport (transponder MCX) was a busy and bustling transportation hub in to and out of the city. Now it sits as a testament to what once was, with the terminals occupied by the homeless and more tumbleweeds traversing the tarmacs than aircraft.

The airport consist of 5 terminals with 8 runways spread over several square miles. The terminals are all connected via skyways and tunnels and almost every foot is occupied by the less fortunate unless a recent police sweep has cleared them out.

On the Southern edge of the Heston-Vance Business District it is very close to that districts border with the Tin Tops. It butts right up against the ocean once allowing aircraft a free and clear landing and take-off area.

Originally Hayman Army Airfield it was sold to the city in 1947 and expansion and renovation began to transform it in to a national, and then eventually an international, commercial airport. Over the years it has seen the initial flights of many of the Starfield Corporation’s test aircraft and sometimes still does although with much less frequency.

Motor City International Airport

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