Motor City Police Department

Motor City cops really do have their work cut out for them. I mean they police in a city of three-quarters of a million people. It’s harsh.


The Motor City Police Department, MCPD, are the law enforcement organization responsible for the three islands that make up Motor City. MCPD also maintains several specialized squads from it’s headquarters in the Heston-Vance Business District including aviation and maritime units as well as the elite Special Contingency Response, Emergency, and Mobility Team (or SCREAM Team).

31 Precincts make up the entire department, with numbering beginning with the 11th Precinct, and each precinct consisting of about 50 uniformed officers, and 10 detectives and senior officers. Despite having almost 2000 sworn officers the MCPD remains understaffed, underpaid, and overworked.

The MCPD has a rich and colorful history, most of which revolves around it’s origins in the early 1900s, just in time to see a huge influx of immigrants from Western Europe. In particular, the department holds to an Irish theme, instead of the more common Scottish among other East coast cities.

Motor City Police Department

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