Motor City State University

Sure you can got to college for an education, as long as you don’t mind being spoon-fed government propaganda and rhetoric along the way. Give me a pre-2001 textbook over a classroom any day.


The academic center of Motor City is, of course, it’s State University. While not technically a neighborhood or a district in it’s own right it is large enough and with a large enough population to be counted as such.

Its campus sprawls over several city blocks and is home to over 1200 resident students and 200 faculty and staff at any given time during the school year. Home to 8 different colleges with a wide variety of specialties and degrees MCSU attracts students not only from outside the city, but outside the state, and country as well.

Located on the northern edge of the Heston-Vance Business District some of the residence halls overlook the Wide Water Bay area. A large campus garden, made notable by it’s hedge maze, occupies the center of the campus dividing residence halls from the academic and administrative buildings.

Famous primarily for its engineering departments, many graduates find themselves in the employ of Starfield or TGI shortly after graduation. Originally formed as the Motor City Academy of Higher Learning back in 1910, it has grown by leaps and bounds in a little over 100 years of history.

Motor City State University

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