New Sons of Liberty

Some people call them “the good guys”, the government calls them “a domestic terror group”, in my experience, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.


The New Sons of Liberty (or NSL) is classified as a domestic terror group operating within the confines of Motor City. They claim to be a neo-revolutionary movement calling for the overtrow of the current US government and the reestablishment of democracy.

They primarily claim responsibility for various anti-government graffiti and propoganda poster appearing throughout the main districts, as well as various computer crimes against national and international businesses. In the rare cases they have come in to direct conflict with police forces they have used tear gas and paintball guns loaded with CS pellets to cover their escape.

The hierarchy of the NSL remains currently unknown as no arrests have ever been made to date. The MCPD maintains a task force dedicated to identifying, locating, and capturing their leadership, but as of yet has had zero reported success.

New Sons of Liberty

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