Popularity and Recognition

I’m pretty proud of myself on this one. You have no idea how much coding this took. Twenty-five million lines… by myself by the way.


Via a swarm virtual intelligence program I have a way to keep track of various aspects of the city in relation to your own activities.

Popularity is a rating of your favor among the general population of Motor City. By listening in to various microphones around the city and seeing the response people have to news about you via video cameras I can assess their relative opinion. A positive value meaning they like you, a negative one meaning they don’t. It will always be exponentially harder to raise your popularity rating to the next number, while reducing it is quite simple by performing actions of the opposite motive.

Recognition is a rating of how easily the authorities of Motor City can pick you out of a crowd. By tapping in to various police, emergency services, and governmental communications I can assess how easily you are to be spotted. A positive value meaning they know better who you are, while a negative one meanign they know you alter-ego more. Whereing a mask or soemthing on your missions might keep you safe on the streets, but it will also eventually have them looking for that mask.

Popularity and Recognition

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