Starfield Corporation

If you like high-tech things you’d probably like Starfield. That is if you can bring yourself to like the company responsible for providing the Feds with so many eyes and ears in the air.


The Starfield Corporation is the United State’s leading aerospace designer and manufacturer. Its annual revenue exceeded 480 billion dollars last year helping it maintain its spot as the number 1 among Fortune 500 companies.

The company is responsible for a majority of the aircraft and drones utilized by the government and military. Starfield engineers have earned a reputation for adaptability and ingenuity in their designs.

Its headquarters is located in Motor City’s Heston-Vance Business District. The Starfield Corporation also maintains a production facility in the Port of Motor City.

Founded in 1935 by Joseph Starfield the company came to prominence in 1939 by designing revolutionary fighter aircraft. His son Joseph Starfield, Junior now controls a majority of the stock in the corporation and has earned a reputation as a relentless slave-driver.

Starfield Corporation

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