The Military Unification Act

I’m not sure if the unification was the best thing for American morale, but it sure seemed to smooth out all those logistical and funding problems they had been having.


Title I: Dissolution of Existing Organizations

Effectively removed the Departments of Defense, the Airforce, the Army, and the Navy, as well as their supporting agencies, bureaus, and services.

Title II: Creation of the United States Military

Created the singular Department of the Military and the United States Military as a service, as well as many supporting agencies and bureaus.

Title III: Definition of Speration of the Military Forces

Created several divisions in the Military in regards to intention of activity: intelligence, combat, security, aerospace, naval, logistics, and support. It also ordered the chain of command based on this intention of activity suplanting the traditional basis of rank and seniority.

Title IV: Process of Recruitment, Selection, and Conscription

Established the policies and procedures governing how citizens may be recruited, the physical and mental standards for their service, and the right of the military to lower these standards in times of emergency and begin legal assumption of citizens into military service.

Title V: Mission of the United States Military

Loosely defined the intended purposes for the military forces to include the protection of national interests and security.

Title VI: Oversight of the United States Military

Established the policies and procedures for the demployment and command of the military, resting a majority of powers with Congress. However there is a stipulation for the Presdent to utilize forces in an emergency without approval for a period of no more than 90 days.

The Military Unification Act

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