The Patriot Act

In my own humble opinion, it was this singular piece of legislature that signaled the beginning of the end for American liberty.


Title I: Enhancing Domestic Security against Terrorism

Established and increased funding for various agencies and task forces as well as increased the powers and responsibilities of the President in relation to terrorism.

Title II: Surveillance Procedures

Increased the scope and eliminated barriers of surveillance when questions of criminal activities versus intelligence gathering were concerned.

Title III: Anti-money laundering to prevent Terrorism

Increased the abilities of government agencies to obtain financial records.

Title IV: Border Security

Increased the size, funding, and surveillance area of border security; particularly the northern border areas.

Title V: Removing obstacles to investigating Terrorism

Increased the allowable reward for information leading to a terrorist’s capture. Expanded the role and scope of the Secret Service.

Title VI: Victims and families of victims of Terrorism

Increased the funds available and established procedures for grants to those peace officers, or their families, wounded or killed due to terrorist acts.

Title VII: Increased information sharing for critical infrastructure protection

Officially defined terrorism as a crime allowing for agencies to cross jurisdictional boundaries in pursuit of suspects.

Title VIII: Terrorist criminal law

Established and redefined several forms of terrorism as well as the penalties for such.

Title IX: Improved intelligence

Streamlined and created a requirement for reporting foreign intelligence between various government agencies.

Title X: Creation of a centralized police emergency response entity

Created the need, funding, and training requirements for the Federal Police Force including its jurisdiction, purpose, and limitations.

Title XI: Repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878

Removed the restriction on military forces being used inside the country in situations that may be regarded as law enforcement.

Title XII: Miscellaneous

Various amendments and the creation of rules or offices that did not fit anywhere else in the Act.

The Patriot Act

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