Threat Conditions

The Federal Government has had these Threat Conditions in place in one form or another since the first terror attacks in 2001. This is a list of the different conditions as well as what level of response we’re likely to see based on what I’ve been able to gather.


Threat Condition Foxtrot
Local police maintain established checkpoints and patrols.

Threat Condition Echo
Increased local police awareness. Creation of random roadblocks, checkpoints, and patrols.

Threat Condition Delta
Deployment of Federal Police Force officers and reconnaissance drones. Creation of an on-site federal police headquarters to increase coordination.

Threat Condition Charlie
Deployment of US Military peacekeeping forces. Increased presence of roadblocks, checkpoints and patrols by Federal Police.

Threat Condition Bravo
Deployment of US Military combat forces. Creation of an on-site military headquarters to increase potential response times.

Threat Condition Alpha:
Deployment of US Military Special Operations Forces and Intelligence Agencies. Increased presence of reconnaissance drones and the addition of combat drones.

Threat Conditions

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