Tonya Weir

Her smile is still just as sincere as the day she first was on air, in the wind and rain reporting on Hurricane Tabitha. I wonder how she sleeps at night.


Tonya Weir is half of the faces every Motor City native knows and relies on for their news every day. Originally a street reporter for News Channel 3 she has worked her way up to being the replacement for Victor’s former news partner, Thomas Gregory.

Of slender build, but tall, the twenty-something reporter turned anchor offers a youthful counter to her partner. She is known to participate in a great many charities around Motor City, especially those focusing on women and children.

Having worked her way up from the streets, earning her journalism degree at night school, she has a lot of credit with the people of the West-side of Motor City. She refused the offer of a company car on her promotion to the desk and can still be seen walking to and from work everyday.

Tonya Weir

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