Transnational Geodynamics Inc

Everytime you flip a light switch TransGeo knows it, I promise you that. But the only reason they’re keeping track is so they can reach in to your pocket.


Transnational Geodynamics Incorporated, or TGI, is a multinational energy conglomerate and one of the largest and most influential in the world. Although they are a primarily foreign interest they are rumored to have significant influence over the US Congress.

The corporation has a vested interest in both fossil and green energy production with a market share of almost 40% of each. They also provide a majority of the electricity to the Eastern seabord.

TGI utilizes its offices in Motor City as their headquarters for the Americas, although their main offices are located in Belgium. With no actual refining, production, or other plants or facilities in the city it is assumed they moved in to the location due to its central location.

Created by the merger of twelve different companies in 1985, it has become prominent the world over and earned a reputation for expansion and exploitation. The current CEO and Chairman, Hugo von Kursur, is a rough, bullish man who worked his way up from an oil worker.

Transnational Geodynamics Inc

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