The World is pretty much the same…

September 11th, 2001 in New York City the Twin Towers fell and America was attacked for the first time on its own soil in almost 60 years. A little over a month later Congress passed, and the President signed into being, the Patriot Act. Some people spoke up, but they were drowned out by cries of patriotism and national security.

This Patriot Act is very much like the one we know, with two major differences. It included in it Titles enabling the creation of a Federal Police Force and suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

The public was told this was to allow the creation of a nationalized law enforcement arm whose purpose would be to reinforce local and city police forces in the instance of national disaster or emergency. It would also allow for the military to pursue terror targets within US borders without being consigned to an “advisory” role to other agencies.

This did not have the desired effect. As the US began to close it’s borders and ensure it’s security through isolationism it sparked more terror attacks. Los Angeles on October 30th, San Fransisco on November 4th, Washington DC on November 11th, and Seattle on November 18th. All the attacks were undetected until they occured and cost countless innocent lives.

The people blamed the Government. The Government blamed the reorganization of law enforcement and intelligence services. Then the unthinkable happened. The Government suspended all national and international news transmissions under the justification that it would hamper the terrorists psychological objectives. Local news stations were given strict instructions that they were to only report local news under penalty of shutdown.

People were furious, but it rarely ever amounted to more than talk and speculation. The internet seemed free until glaring errors in email communication lended to the thought that electronic communication was being monitored and redacted by federal forces. Conspiracy theorists claimed they had seen it coming all along, but soon found themselves silenced.

The Enchanced National Security Act of 2007 mandated all sessions of Federal and State Legislatures and Courts be closed to the public. The National Transit Authority Act of 2008 began restricted travel between states and in many cames between cities if citizens could not provide evidence of necessity. The Military Unification Act of 2009 unified the four branches of the military in to a singular military machine united in funding and purpose.

People were literally constrained to the cities in which they lived. Passes for interstate travel were rarely issued, and when they were it was normally restricted to commerce transit. The skies clear of civilian air traffic, the government was clear to utilize the airspace for surviellence with a variety of military drones it had intended on utilizing to gather intelligence and fight in coming wars.

Yes, the World is pretty much the same, but 12 years after the initial terror attacks all of that is about to change in Motor City.

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Dystopian heroes